Shopping list

Below is the shopping list we have devised for the required items in order to produce our 2 challenge videos:

Shopping List

     Item                                                   Price


  • 25 Chicken Dippers (8)                      £12.00
  • Mighty Malt (1)   330ml                  £ 0.75p
  • Barr American cream soda/
  • Red Koala  2lt                                        £1.50


  • Dry Ginger Beer  1l t                           £ 0.50p
  • Shandy bass  330ml                                 £0.60p
  • Sainsbury’s diet cola basics   2lt        £0.20p
  • Dandelion and burdock 2l t                  £ 0.60p
  • Blue Bolt cherry and bc  250ml         £0.60p


                                                                        Total: £16.75

                                                      Each Person: £4.18

This list consists of the necessities, we plan to purchase a wider variety of drinks for example when we are at Sainsbury’s and are able to have a clear view of what is on offer; currently the items listed are just a few products we found on the Sainsbury’s website which we would like to include in our video, however we plan to include far more.

Digital Video Production for Interactive Media

How and where could your video be viewed?

My video web series shall be viewed first on YouTube, then when there is an audience a website shall be made specifically to host the web series.

What resolution and at what frame rate should you record live footage or capture gameplay (640 x 480 pixels was once popular, should you now be working at 1080p? Frame rates vary from film at 24fps;PAL DV 25fps;NTSC 29.97fps or game frame rates).

I shall be recording the web series in 1080p at 60 frames per second so that it may be viewed in HD on youtube, this means it can be viewed in fullscreen also with no loss of quality. Although it only needs to be recorded at 30 frames per second I have chosen to record in 60 frames per second simply because the GoPro I will be using to film allows for that, and it gives the web series a higher quality to it.

What cameras will you use to achieve your needs for resolution, framerate and video quality?

In order to acquire the footage in the required framerate I will be using a GoPro Hero 4 as this camera records in 1080p at 60 fps. As well as this it also records audio at a good quality and therefore shall provide everything necessary to record the video. According to the official GoPro website “HERO4 Silver captures 1080p60 and 720p120 video with lifelike clarity”.

How will you record and edit sound? In addition to the sound tools in Adobe Premiere we have the dedicated sound editor Adobe Audition. Investigate the open source Audacity.

Due to the nature of the web series, not much sound editing if any will be required, the GoPro I will be using is able to record sound and in good quality therefore there should be no issues with sound; should the audio quality turn out muffled, then I shall re-record using an alternative microphone and composite the audio into the video later. In order to edit the video itself however I will be using Adobe After Effects because it is the video editing software in which I personally have the most experience in using and am most comfortable using. Using After Effects I will also be able to edit in certain sound effects to add to the video. As well as this I also have After Effects installed on my computer at home as well as it being available to me at college so that editing can be done anytime in or out of college.

What codecs should you employ to hit the right balance between acceptable download speed and video quality? (codec = compression/decompression and ten years ago might have included Real and QuickTime, then Flash became fairly ubiquitous but is dramatically losing favour to HTML5). Explore the difference between the wrapper type (eg .mov or .mp4) and the embedded file eg H264 and then how the video might be embedded within interactive media. YouTube and Vimeo solutions.

I am going to use the H.264 codec because it compresses the video while keeping it at a high quality, as well as this it renders the video in to a .mp4 format which is widely accepted by sites such as YouTube and Vimeo as a video file format.

Subtitles give accessibility to people who are hearing impaired but also allow search engines to access your content and could be translated to other languages. Do you need subtitles so people can understand your content in noisy environments or places where sound is a problem such as in a library, classroom or next to a sleeping partner?

In order to give more accessibility to the audience, I will use YouTube’s built-in caption feature which will allow me to add subtitles to the video. This means that anyone with hearing difficulty or those who don’t have headphones or access to sound can still watch the video and understand whats going on.


We’ve decided as a group of 4, to record, produce and upload a web series featuring the 4 of us partaking in various challenges. The first challenge will be a food challenge where we will be eating 50 Crispy Chicken Dippers (900g); the target will be to finish these dippers in the fastest time possible, although to make this challenge more difficult they will be infused with a spicy Nandos sauce. The person to eat the least chicken dippers will be crowned the loser and will have to do a forfeit.

Another video in the web series that we have planned to do is a drinking challenge where we will consume various shots of soft drinks while blindfolded; the aim of the game is to correctly guess what the drink is. To make it more interesting, some of the drinks will taste nice, and some will not. Furthermore if the challenge seems to flow and become very easy we will step up the difficulty and mix the drinks to make it harder and more points on the line, an example of this is that if we mix two drinks you get two points if you correctly guess the drinks.

Those who guess correctly or close enough gain a point, loser has to drink all of the drinks combined.

The drinks we will buy to do this test include ginger beer, shandy, mighty malt, Barr american cream soda and red Koala, diet cola basics, dandelion and burdock and blue bolt. The catch is that some drinks will taste nice and others will not.

The final product will be edited in a way that makes it entertaining and fun to watch, it will include various graphics edited in that give details on the drinks ect as well as a timer where necessary. The final videos will be part of a web series where we do various challenges.

We will also produce a production diary showcasing a behind the scenes look of the episodes, showing how we made them, including the collecting of the required resources (drinks, food ect) and preparing them ready for the challenge.